FACT24 Mediagateway

Compact technology for alarming and monitoring

The FACT24 Mediagateway is a versatile solution available as both hardware and virtual operation. It integrates seamlessly with production systems, fire alarm systems, and other technical components, ensuring automatic alerting of relevant personnel via the FACT24 ENS+ Cloud in case of emergencies or faults.


Enhance the capabilities of your FACT24 ENS+ Cloud by leveraging the FACT24 media gateway to connect local systems, enabling both the triggering and delivery of alarm messages.

Perfect fit

The FACT24 Mediagateway, whether in virtual or hardware form, boasts a wide array of supported interfaces and extensive connectivity options, facilitating seamless integration into your IT environment.


With its specially crafted, industry-standard software, the FACT24 Mediagateway operates reliably and with minimal maintenance during continuous operation, ensuring it’s available precisely when needed.

Field Tested

Over 1,500 FACT24 Mediagateways are currently deployed in operation. Even with our fourth hardware generation, we maintain close collaboration with our customers, integrating their feedback and suggestions for ongoing enhancement.

Typical areas of application

The FACT24 Mediagateway ensures security and efficient communication across various sectors, including healthcare, public institutions, industry, and the service sector. Below is a selection of the diverse application scenarios for the FACT24 Mediagateway:


Ensure the safety and protection of employees and citizens with comprehensive security and alerting solutions. By leveraging all available communication channels, you can facilitate rapid evacuation during emergencies.

Production plant and building monitoring

Monitor your systems efficiently and receive automatic notifications for technical faults and emergencies.

Fire Alarm

Respond immediately to fire alarms and enhance your fire alarm messaging system with the support of FACT24 ENS+ cloud.


  • Fast scalability
    Customise the solution to your requirements and functional needs at any time.

  • Centralised Monitoring
    Keep track of all alarms and monitor and manage all aspects of your alarm solution centrally.

  • Flexible connectivity options
    Choose between local and cloud alarming and connect a variety of interfaces to your FACT24 ENS+ hybrid platform.

  • Redundancy
    Various redundancy models ensure that your FACT24 Mediagateway is available when you need it.

  • Reliable Hardware
    Compact yet robust industry-standard hardware, free of moving parts, supports up to 60 voice channels, 100 PC clients, 1024 contact inputs/outputs, and can handle 1000 alarms per hour.

  • Equipment
    A comprehensive selection of equipment ensures seamless integration of the FACT24 Mediagateway into your environment, enabling effortless connections with all existing systems.

Virtual operation of the FACT24 Mediagateway

In addition to our specially designed hardware, you can utilize your own IT equipment to operate the virtual FACT24 media gateway. By deploying appropriately powerful servers, you can extend performance limits and integrate the FACT24 media gateway into your customized redundancy strategy for enhanced reliability, such as operating on HA server clusters. This approach also allows you to maintain control over the scalability of your FACT24 alarm solution.

Connections and Integrations

During the adoption of a hybrid working model, FACT24 ENS+ offers numerous interfaces and technology partnerships which enable flexible alerting processes and connections to existing, local systems.

Extended alarming options with FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid

In a case of an emergency, reliable alerting is key.
FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid combines the advantages of the cloud with the extended possibilities of local connections.

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