Extend your alerting options with FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid

Flexible and customisable

The FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid solution offers you a centralised alerting platform that combines the benefits of the FACT24 ENS+ cloud solution with the advantages of a local alerting platform.

This version provides you the versatility and low-maintenance operation typical of FACT24 combined with the individual capabilities and interface connections of an on-premises solution. Using the local alarm media gateway, you can link not only standard but also proprietary interfaces and transmit all the notifications directly to your existing communication infrastructure. Depending on the application, you can also bundle both resources.

Your Benefits with FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid

In case of an emergency, reliable alerting is key.
FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid combines the advantages of the cloud with the extended possibilities of local connections.

Best of both worlds

The combination of FACT24 ENS+ with the integration of the powerful alarm media gateway integrates local systems as well as direct cloud interfaces in a hybrid working model.

Free choice

In the hybrid working model alarms can be processed via cloud resources as well as via a local alarm media gateway – defined per alarm.


In case of no connection between cloud and gateway alerting is still possible via local resources. In case of an inactive gateway users can be alarmed via cloud and own communication channels.

FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid

FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid lets you extend your alarming options and choose which platform you want to use for alerts.

Direct cloud connection through various interfaces.

Combination of the SaaS model with local integration of contacts, sensors and subsystems.

Connection of different peripheral systems via via the powerful Alarm Media gateway.

FACT24 ENS+ offers numerous interfaces and technology partnerships which enable flexible, multimedia alerting processes and connection to existing systems.

FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid sector use cases

Every sector and organisation has its individual requirements for an alerting solution.
Read more about different application scenarios of our hybrid solution.

Public sector

Public institutions are often the target of violent acts and terrorist attacks. Despite tight budgets, you must take care of employees’ and visitors’ safety. FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid solution approach gives you the possibility to tackle in an integral way all the different requirements.

Employees in the office can use the local infrastructure to set off an alarm in case of a threat situation. Both the PC, the push buttons and the telephones offer a wide range of options within this context. Field staff, on the other hand, can use the FACT24 ENS+ Mobile App.

For maximum performance, local resources can also be connected to the cloud, so in the event of a potential threat situation, the scalability of the cloud can be used for a multimedia mass alert or info hotline, while the local integration of the phone system provides special features such as call interruption and announcements over the public address to inform employees in good time.


In the health care sector, rapid action upon alarms and on-call notifications can contribute to save lives. Thanks to FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid, you can rely on a central system for internal and external alerting. Based on predefined rules, you can decide which alarms should only be triggered locally and which notifications should be signaled via the cloud.

Nurse call and patient safety alarms are often transmitted through the local telecommunications infrastructure. This can be done by voice or messaging. The cloud is used for on-call service alerting purposes. In this case, the skill- and geo-based alerting functions enable you to notify in a targeted manner the required on-call service teams, which can also be reached via multimedia.

In the event of a MCI alert, local and cloud resources can be combined to quickly alert people using both internal and external channels. Thanks to the hybrid concept, centralised reporting is also available.


FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid allows you to combine local communication systems and subsystems with cloud-based interfaces and channels to optimise existing workflows and connect machines and experts. Local subsystems and production plants can securely transmit to the FACT24 ENS+ Cloud through a local gateway your messages, which are then notified via app, SMS or voice message. Thanks to native interfaces to public IoT networks, technical messages and alarms can be collected from IoT devices, processed in the cloud and also distributed in a targeted manner using the local infrastructure. This means you can always keep an eye on important fault and alarm messages and easily monitor your production plants and devices.

The protection of your personnel is also pivotal. Major industrial accidents or employees in acute emergencies require quick assistance measures. FACT24 ENS+ makes it possible to alert first responders and to protect lone workers using both the local infrastructure and the cloud. Thus, all necessary functions are provided in one place.


Notifications from building management, fire alarm and network management systems or even activated manually using the communication infrastructure can be recorded by means of a local media gateway and relayed both via the cloud and the internal communication systems.

When disruptions occur, for example in the IT infrastructure, you can use the cloud-based alarm and crisis management platform to coordinate the necessary measures, start conference calls, set up hotlines and inform your customers and suppliers. Your employees, on the other hand, will inform you using the internal phone system or by pop-up on the PC, depending on the occurrence, e.g. in the event of an e-mail server failure. 

In case of fire and evacuation measures, both resources of the local infrastructure and the cloud can be employed. Your mobile workforce is alerted based on the position via the cloud through the app, whereas evacuation information for employees at the workplace is notified using announcements on the phone, IP loudspeakers, PC pop-ups or also by means of visual and audible pagers.

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