Secure and comprehensive Emergency Notification Services

Three FACT24 ENS+ Main Topics: Occupational Health & Safety, Technical Alerting & Smart Security, Emergency (Mass) Notification & Management.

Safe and efficient alerting and mobilising

The FACT24 ENS+ (Emergency Notification Services) alerting solution forms the core of our FACT24 product suite for Proactive Crisis Management and Emergency Notification. It supports crisis managers, particularly in the acute phase of a critical event, in alerting and mobilising emergency services, crisis management teams and (potentially) affected individuals.

How FACT24 ENS+ works

Automated alarms, feedback functions and crisis communication functions such as ad hoc telephone conferences or mobile apps, enable companies to use FACT24 to communicate rapidly and precisely in the event of disruptions and crises and to manage even the most dynamic situations with complete confidence.

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Powerful multimedia alerting

Alerts can be triggered via many different event input media and users can be informed using multimedia channels.
FACT24 ENS+ defines the desired channels individually, team or alarm-related, depending on the scenario and priority.

FACT24 ENS+ offers numerous interfaces and technology partnerships which enable flexible, multimedia alerting processes and connection to existing systems.

Connections and Integrations

Enhance the capabilities of your FACT24 ENS+ Cloud by using the FACT24 Mediagateway.

Extended alarming options with FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid

In a case of an emergency, reliable alerting is key.
FACT24 ENS+ Hybrid combines the advantages of the cloud with the extended possibilities of local connections.

FACT24 ENS+ Use Cases

Every crisis situation is different.
FACT24 ENS+ helps you to alert teams and people precisely and act fast no matter what kind of emergency you are facing.

Emergency (Mass) Notification & Management

Technical Alerting &
Smart Security

Occupational Health &

On-call duty

Alert on-call teams and distribute important information specifically and quickly using selected channels based on their duty rosters, availability and skills with FACT24 ENS+.

IT alarms

A direct connection of servers and technical infrastructure to FACT24 ENS+ is possible by means of SNMP Trap, REST API, Webhook, Mail or SMS.

Loneworker protection

FACT24 ENS+ provides reliable protection for employees working in isolation. It can be individually adapted to the hazard levels and is easy to implement.

Mass alarming

FACT24 ENS+ supports organisations in informing groups via their usual communication channels, in starting emergency conferences and initialising emergency response measures.

Production alarms

FACT24 ENS+ supports with efficient alerting of your experts in case of failures in production plants, machines, sensors as well as technical components.

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First aid emergency call

FACT24 ENS+ notifies responsible authorities and escalates the emergency call when needed to ensure quick first aid.

Patient alarms

In case of patient or resident calls and emergencies, FACT24 ENS+ mobilizes nursing staff efficiently, based on duty rosters, availability and skills.

Smart Building

Thanks to the Internet of Things and smart building solutions, FACT24 ENS+ automatically alerts technical staff on faults and damages e.g. in heating, ventilation or locking systems.

Silent alarm

With FACT24, employees can set off a silent alarm in dicey situations. FACT24 ENS+ informs the relevant auxiliaries according to previously defined rules and initialises an escalation of the alarm if required.

Convene crisis teams

FACT24 ENS+ supports you in alerting, coordinating and exchanging information with crisis response teams. Crisis conference calls can be started with just one click.

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Clearing & evacuation alarm

FACT24 ENS+ supports you in evacuating buildings. It delivers visual and audible evacuation instructions to exist buildings promptly.

FACT24 ENS+ Editions

FACT24 ENS+ is available in three editions, each with a different range of functions. This means that your solution can grow at any time in line with your requirements. FACT24 CIM allows for full crisis and incident management during critical events. More about FACT24 CIM

Optimise your emergency and event communication with smart
and secure alerting.

  • Ideal for smaller organisations or organisations with limited alerting needs.

Extend and automise your smart emergency and event communication workflows through third party integrations.

  • Ideal for medium-sized organisations with demanding alerting requirements.

Manage your smart emergency and event communication requirements comprehensively within a complex organisation.

  • Ideal for medium-sized and large organisations with complex structures and the highest alerting requirements.
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What our clients say

Karl Rengstorf, Head of Site Security & Emergency Management, SCHOTT AG

Karl Rengstorf, Head of Site Security & Emergency Management, Schott AG

“Our plants and systems can’t really tolerate any interruption. However, if it does happen, everything that needs to be done has to happen extremely fast. That’s why we need an alerting system that is easy to operate and reliable, even during hectic situations.

Torsten Linke, BCM Officer at Commerzbank, explains how Commerzbank uses FACT24 to prepare for potential crisis scenarios such as IT failures.

Konrad Schlupf, IT Service Desk at Audi AG, explains that the high degree of availability guaranteed by FACT24 is particularly important to them.

Your Benefits with FACT24 ENS+

In a case of an emergency, every minute counts.
This is why the operation of FACT24 ENS+ is simple, efficient and powerful.

Multimedia Alerting

Targeted multimedia alerting across all communication channels can be predefined or triggered spontaneously e.g. via voice call, mobile app, PC, SMS or email

Smart Management

Create different scenarios with groups and people as alarm targets. Assign rights and roles as to the administration and activation of alarms.

Quick activation of Teams

Automated precise activation of teams as well as quick alarming and informing of clients, employees or visitors.

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Guarantee People Safety

Comply with legal requirements for lone working and standards in industrial safety. Minimise reaction time in an emergency situation.

User friendly approach

Intuitive and easy to use even in crisis situations. Set up e.g. conference calls or generate reports with one click. 

True interconnectivity

A wide variety of interfaces, 3rd party systems, assets and contacts can be connected to the platform and serve as event inputs, communication channels and databases. 

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What our customers say:

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